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Kids Christmas Fun!

Kids Christmas Fun is number one on the agenda for festive family gatherings. This section includes some unique ideas to keep the kids happy during the holiday season. Kids fun starts with the season of Advent. We have included a unique Advent video game which is great for young kids to play during the days leading up to the holidays. There are Kids Jokes, and a video of jokes called the 'Elf heckles Santa'. Kids Xmas facts, favorite songs, poems, quizzes and favorite Carols for kids and young children. And Kids Christmas fun would not be complete without some magic tricks - the kids will love our Santa's Magic Cards videos - so will the 'grown-ups'! You can also view hallmark Christmas movies online here.


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 Santa's Magic Cards


Kids Advent Game


 Advent Game
Christmas Jokes Video 


Kids Xmas Jokes!



Xmas Facts

 Christmas Facts


Xmas Poems



Xmas Movie Quiz


 Christmas Carol Quiz
The 12 Twelve Days of Christmas - Song Video 
Xmas Songs for Children


Xmas Carols for Children


 Silent Night - Christmas Carol Video
Rudolph the Reindeer story 
Xmas Story for Children


Xmas Video Quizzes fun for everyone!


Xmas Bible Quiz Xmas Bible Quiz

Kids Xmas Fun!

Kids Xmas Fun

  • Unique ideas with Fun
  • for Kids and young Children
  • Movie and Song Quizzes
  • Xmas Videos for kids and all of the family
  • Watch the different videos!
  • Perfect for a holiday family gathering with the children
  • Have fun and enjoy the Magic of Santa's Magic Cards, kids jokes, poems, songs and carols

Xmas Fun for Kids and Children

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