Itís Christmas Day

Scottish Songwriter, Dougie Campbell, wrote "Itís Christmas Day" as a new carol for school and church choirs. "Itís Christmas Day" was released as a single and was featured on both television and radio.

"It's Christmas Day" was first performed by the pupils of Balfron Primary School in Scotland and the original recording featured the voices of the young pupils. Play the video of the song and hear the children singing.


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Itís Christmas Day : Lyrics Written by:
Dougie Campbell

A baby boy was born one day
In a stable far away
He nestled in a manger bed
On straw he laid his tiny head

(Chorus) It's Christmas Day all over Earth
Let the bells ring out for Jesus's birth

The shepherds came from near and far
Guided by a lonely star
The Wise men travelled night and day
To Bethlehem where Jesus lay

(Chorus) It's Christmas Day all over Earth
Let the bells ring out for Jesus's birth

They looked upon that infant face
Saviour for the human race
So every year on Christmas Day
We'll thank dear God in our own way

(Chorus) It's Christmas Day all over Earth
Let the bells ring out for Jesus's birth.

Itís Christmas Day Copyright:
Dougie Campbell Christmas Carol Music and lyrics
Itís Christmas Day - A new Carol for Schools and Church Choirs

If youíd like your church or school to perform ďItís Christmas DayĒ the tracks you require are available to download as a zip file. All you have to do is drop us an email at with your contact details and weíll send you all the information you need. Included in the attachment files, you will find an mp3 instrumental version, a midi version, the lyrics, sheet music, an mp3 of the original single release plus an mp3 featuring some clips of the airplay the song received.

Itís Christmas Day Video

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Itís Christmas Day

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