Come all ye Shepherds Lyrics

The words and music to this old Christmas carol originated in Czechoslovakia (author unknown). The lyrics were translated, from what was believed to be 12th century Latin, into English by Mari Ruef Hofer in 1912. Music was added in the 15th Century and was adapted Thomas Helmore (1811-1890) in 1854. Helmore graduated from Oxford in 1845.

Our grateful thanks goes to Eric Halstead for giving his kind permission to play his self sequenced midi file of this superb piano rendition of this Christmas Carol.


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Come all ye Shepherds Lyrics
Christmas Carol Lyrics

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Come all ye Shepherds Lyrics , ye children of earth,
Come ye, bring greetings to yon heavenly birth.
For Christ the Lord to all men is given,
To be our Savior sent down from heaven:
Come, welcome Him!

Hasten then, hasten to Bethlehemís stall,
There to see heaven descend to us all.
With holy feeling, there humbly kneeling,
We will adore Him, bow down before Him,
Worship the King.

Angels and shepherds together we go
Seeking the Savior from all earthly woe;
While angels, winging, His praise are singing,
Heavenís echoes ringing, peace on earth bringing,
Good will to men.

Come all ye Shepherds Lyrics  
Christmas Carol Lyrics

Come all ye Shepherds Lyrics

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