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The Angel Pictures!

Many of our visitors have enquired about the pictures of angels that we have on the Christmas Carol section of our site.
When we were in the process of designing the site we were keen to reflect the wonder of Christmas and felt that by choosing angel pictures we would be able to do this.


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The "Blue Angel"

Without doubt the "Blue Angel" is the most popular. Not only is the quality of the Blue Angel picture absolutely superb, in the artistic context, the "Blue Angel" picture also portrays the innocence and beauty of the angel. Using the face of a child as the Blue Angel seemed to reflect Christmas, and the importance of children during this, the happiest, of Christian festivals.


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The Free Angel pictures!

The angel pictures that are shown on our site are sourced from Victorian Christmas cards. This was an essential element in our choice of angels as we wanted to offer our visitors the opportunity to use the angel pictures for their own purposes. We believed that the choice of Victorian angels was perfect. Not only are the pictures of the angels truly remarkable but, because of their age, are not subject to any copyright restrictions. We are therefore quite happy for our visitors to use the angel pictures for their own personal use.

The Carols site selection of Victorian Christmas Angel Pictures

There are nine pictures of angels featured in our selection of Victorian Christmas Angel Pictures. The theme of the innocence of children continues with the majority of the Victorian Christmas angel pictures , however, the remaining angel pictures were such, graphically, high quality that we decided to include them on the site.

Feedback to the "Angel Pictures Carol Site"

We are really delighted at the feedback we have received from our visitors regarding the Angel pictures. Your feedback also prompted us to provide a Christian Forum for the exclusive use of people who wish to chat online about their Christian beliefs. Thank you so much for your support.
We hope that you will continue to enjoy the "Angel Pictures Carol Site".

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